Activity Link Systems, LLC (ALS) was formed in 2000 with the mission to develop, deploy and support software solutions for the tourism and resort industries with the emphasis on applications for activity operators, activity desk/resellers and time shares.

With deployed applications dating back to 1985, ALS celebrates 30 years of experience in the Activity Industry in 2015.

Starting with a client base of over 100 activity operators and desks already utilizing software developed by a team headed by Activity Link’s founder, Kumar Manuel, Activity Link began development of AL-Desk and AL-Pro.

AL-Pro (short for Activity Link Provider System) was first deployed in 2001 to Old Lahaina Luau, a large luau operator located on Maui, Hawaii. It is being used by a variety of helicopter, parasail, boat, fixed wing and bicycle tour companies. In 2004, the current version AL-Pro was released using a new database back end, to meet the needs of the largest tour helicopter operator in the world, Papillon Airways, Inc. and dubbed AL-Pro C/S (short for Activity Link Provider Client/Server edition). AL-Pro C/S has Additional modules for integrated credit card processing, email and faxing and Web Site Integration.

AL-Desk (short for Activity Link Desk System) was launched in 2002 to Activity World, Hawaii ’s largest activity reseller. Activity World was subsequently purchased by in 2004 and AL-Desk has grown right along with their expansion. AL-Desk is in a client/server architecture. AL-Desk has additional modules for integrated credit card processing, email, faxing, rental and retail management and Web Site Integration. Further, AL-Desk expanded into the Timeshare industry with its timeshare module allowing gift management, tracking, Timeshare Tour management and reporting.

Activity Link continues to update and improve upon their products with all products now able to be integrated with any web site with complete e-commerce integration available via the ALS Web Portal implementations.

This marriage of extensive activity industry expertise, experience in client workflow, windows development and connectivity provide the ideal resources for our missions.