ALS is pleased to announce the arrival of the AL-Desk Cloud Edition (ACE) a complete solution to eCommerce Management, allowing you to create websites driven by your existing AL-Desk System.

ACE includes a full Content Management System (CMS), empowering YOU to make changes that appear instantly on your website(s). No more chasing down and paying web developers for content changes.

Advanced Web Features, designed with ease of use in mind include:

  •  Built in shopping cart that works with your existing AL-Desk Credit Card System.
  •  Designate products and pricing for your websites from within AL-Desk.
  •  Deploy additional websites to support Private Labels and Groups leveraging Product Pricing support
  •  Bookings from the websites create normal AL-Desk client and vouchers for issuance, management and reporting!
  •  Black-Out Dates and Strikethrough Pricing
  •  Deploy new sites in minutes.
  •  Image Management via AL-Desk defined image URL's.
  •  HTML Mail Merge system to drive Internet Marketing.
  •  Access to Style Sheets so you can readily make changes to the look and feel of your sites.
  •  Content Management using AL-Desk Product Information with the ability to define web specific content.
  •  No more double management of offerings.