ACE Website Management

The ACE website can be adjusted in layout, look, and content using the administrative login and the built-in CMS tools.

On the site, use the CMS menu to control things


The overall structure idea is that you will create HTML WIDGETS to use as sections of PAGES, which are displayed behind MENU headers.  The overall look is controlled with a CSS THEME

Piece by piece:

HTML Widget Editor - This is where you enter your text, images, videos, etc using the HTML editor to make sections of a page

Custom Widget Editor - this contains just a couple elements right now, but it's where you will find customizable, pre-defined elements that can be used as page sections.  Right now there is a couple of different photo sliders that you can use as sections of a page, more to come

Page Builder - this is where you put the 'widgets' or sections together to make pages.  You can have up to 3 columns on a page.

Menu Manager - this is where you control what the top bar does, and which Page each menu item displays, as well as icons, product searches, etc.  Check out the ones that are already in there for the correct syntax to build your own (normally /page/pagename/). 

Available product search page filters include by location(product/search?location=) or Product category(product/search?category=).. 

Syntax for multiple product display page filters is /product/search?category=a,b,c - comma delineated, no spaces.

You can also control the sort order of a particular page in the same way using additional parameters.  Available parameters include (alphabetical) sorting by Vendor, Product, Location, Category, CategoryGroup,  

Add a sort parameter to a page using ?sort=desired sorting style

Multiple sortings may be used by entering them comma delineated, no spaces.  Multiple sorts are then categorized in the order given.  So a sort of Location,Vendor would return results sorted first by Location, then within each location sorted by Vendor.

You can combine filters and sorts for a particular page using &.

example of all elements together, using multiple filters and sorts:  /product/search?category=A,B,C&sort=A,B



CSS Theme editor - this is where you control page backgrounds, top header images, etc - you can drag and drop images from the right directly into the code, and it will pick it up.  You can make changes to the existing style sheet, but you can also obtain and stick your own CSS theme in there.

Image Management - you can upload images directly from your computer here to the website server, and reference them in AL-Desk for image URLS, or use to upload a header background and for use in the CSS Theme editor.  I recommend sticking your images on a photobucket or google images or similar service, and referencing the images from there in AL-Desk - might as well take advantage of super-speed image hosting that is out there these days!

Logo uploader - this controls the logo displayed up in the header - it displays right over whatever header you have in there.