AL-Pro Cloud Edition  (ACE)


AL-Pro Cloud Edtion uses AL-Pro data to allow websites to be created and deployed very quickly. If you have an existing website, you can jump start having your website create reservations directly in AL-Pro by just adding product jumps to your new ACE site. Or you can completely replace your existing site with your AL-Pro ACE.

ACE  was designed to allow for AL-Pro users to completely control their AL-Pro "content" on their website. This content can include:

  • What products and categories are displayed on your website driven by the price schedule you designate to use on your website.
  • Prices are driven by the website price schedule
  • Customized Product Names to be used on the website
  • Product Descriptions can be created just for use on the website.
  • Terms & Conditions a web  user must consent to when making an on-line purchase.

The products that appear on your website as well as their pricing is controlled completely via AL-Pro via price schedules. 

Set up your AL-Pro security group to have access to Maintenance->Webportal.

Web Portal Defaults

From Maintenance->Webportal you will be presented with options. The most important one is which Agency you set. The price schedule of that agency controls the products categories available for sale on your website.


Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions are controlled by your T&C widget. Just create an HTML widget with any language you want and on check out the terms and will appear along with a check box required to complete checkout.




Product Content

If you want to use a different name for a product on the website then you can set up a 'Web Name'. You can also put in links to images for each product.

These options allow you to keep the same product name for each product that will be used when running AL-Pro but have a different name for use on the website.

This is also where you set the image tied to the product. Just pasted in an image url and it will show up on the product search and product page that is used for the shoppting cart.

For the actual product content, ACE uses the existing AL-Pro Sales information. But you can override that with content that will be deployed to your site using the "Web Content" button.

Here's website specific content:



The webportal sends an email confirmation that displays the reservation information and uses the product confirmation notes. This also has a web content option.