Activity Link Desk (AL-Desk)

Vouchering and accounting for Activity Desks and Timeshares!

AL-Desk provides everything required for an Activity or TimeShare Operator to run their business efficiently. AL-Desk is the synthesis of over 20 years of experience working with Retail/Discount Activity Desks, Concierge and Timeshare companies combined with the most advanced thin client Windows Internet Technology.

AL-Desk Credit card integration has been PA-DSS / PCI Certified. Click on this link to jump to the official approval.

AL-Desk is very flexible and can be configured to work with the way your business works so you don't need to change the way you do business. Below is a screen shot of the main AL-Desk operations screen. Notice all the different ways clients can be searched for. By Name, Hotel, Arrival, who booked them, activity date etc. In this case a search was done for all clients with the last name of "Smith" and they are shown on the right side.

AL-Desk Main

AL-Desk provides:

  • Customized voucher formatting
  • Full client itinerary tracking
  • Closeouts
  • Sales and Managerial Reporting
  • Audit Reporting
  • Gift cost analysis
  • Vendor payables and client trust accounting

Additional Features Include:

  • Full Vendor Block Management
  • Integrated Faxing of all documents (available)
  • Integrated Credit Card Processing (available)
  • Instant access to Vendor, Product and Pricing information
  • Complete management of "Split" commission between agents
  • Affiliate/Referral Tracking and Commission Reporting
  • Integrated Time-Share Gifting/Tracking/Reporting Module
  • Web Site Integration)
  • Real Time Reservations with AL-Pro
  • Internet Based Vendor Payable Submission
  • Friends and Family Pricing Module
  • Rental Module
  • Ticket Inventory Management
  • Client Assist Module-Concierge Support with Integrated Google Map and Searches
  • Instant Messaging between users
  • Built-in outgoing email... you can email/fax Client Vouchers and Itineraries directly from AL-Desk!
  • Complete Vendor Payables Management and Reporting
  • White Label Support
  • Disney OnLine Ticket Integration
  • Sea World OnLine Ticket Integration
  • Vendor Notification

AL-Desk can also be integrated with your web site to provide complete e-commerce integration via the AL-Desk Web Portal Server. Never worry about your Web Site not having current pricing information as any change you make in AL-Desk will be reflected correctly on your Web Site in real time. Making a price change in 60 days? A couple of key strokes in AL-Desk and your Reservation people and your Web Site will always get the correct pricing now and when the price chang