Activity Link Provider (AL-Pro)

AL-Pro provides everything required for an Activity Operator to run their business efficiently. AL-Pro is the synthesis of over 20 years of experience working with

Activity Vendors combined with the most advanced thin client Windows Internet Technology.

AL-Pro Credit card integration has been PA-DSS / PCI Certified. Click on this link to jump to the official approval.

AL-Pro is very flexible and can be configured to work with the way your business works so you don't need to change the way you do business.

AL-Pro now offers Real Time Reservations where hundreds of Agencies can book directly into your inventory in real time constrained by the rules you define.

AL-Pro can also be integrated with your web site to provide complete e-commerce integration via the AL-Pro Web Portal Server. Never worry about your Web Site not having current pricing information as any change you make in AL-Pro will be reflected correctly on your Web Site in real time. Making a price change in 60 days? A couple of key strokes in AL-Pro and your Reservation people and your Web Site will always get the correct pricing now and when the price changes.

With AL-Pro your front line reservation people have all the information they need to schedule and manage the day to day business operations. With an easy to use Windows Interface any tidbit of information can be easily accessed.

Managers have access to Business Intelligence Reporting to spot trends early. With advanced security profile features, only those with a need to know have access to any AL-Pro feature. Need to have access to Reporting on the road? AL-Pro can be run, securely from a Windows Laptop to give you access to any information no matter where you are, even over dial up lines. But no worries, AL-Pro can NOT be accessed from an Internet Browser!

AL-Pro has been used by:

  • ParaSail Operators
  • Boat / Snorkel / Whale Watch Operators
  • Gear Rentals
  • Hiking Eco Tours
  • Fixed Wing Aircraft Tour and Transporation Operators
  • Bicycle Tour Operators
  • Land Tours
  • Luaus
  • Scuba Operators
  • Helicopter Operators
  • Theatres and Dinner Shows