AL-Pro supports eWaivers that can be displayed on tablets, mobiles and desktops to capture signatures with a finger or a mouse. 

Waivers are created in AL-Pro and then you can run AL-Pro cloud edition, a web application, from tablets and AL-Pro reservationists deployed to the field  can pass a tablet to a guest to get a signature using their finger. eWaivers can also be integrated into your website.

eWaivers are created in AL-Pro using AL-Pro's HTML template's that allow you to define some HTML that will be displayed on a website. The HTML concept was originally created in order to send out mass emails and SMS like word merge documents.

Here is a simple example of an eWaiver created in AL-Pro from Maintenance>HTML Templates.  AL-Pro also now supports the concept of "Travelers" which allows you to define guests names and other information as part of a reservation.

If you note the contents of the template there are references to [TourDate] and [Reservation]. These data elements will be replaced with the actual information from a reservation.

Here is a new "Travelers" tab that is available from reservations:

HTML templates can be tested from the HTML Template Editor where the text above gets "merged" with reservation data to create this using the information from both the reservation and the traveler you have highlighted.

So if you had some Android tablets or some iPads (or any wireless device) you could log onto your AL-Pro cloud edition. Your normal AL-Pro credentials are accepted of course.

If you click on the reservation menu we can search for the reservation

You can see there are 2 travelers and 2 waivers required which means there are travelers that don't have waivers.


Clicking on the reservation number brings a full view of the reservation along with a travelers tab. Clicking on the travelers tab you can see option to sign the waiver and edit a traveler from the green button with the pen. There are no waivers to view because they have not been signed.

Clicking on the sign waiver allows the waiver to be signed usually from a tablet:

The signature can be viewed from AL-Pro of course.

That shows an example of how the AL-Pro Cloud edition for Agents could be used to capture waivers using tablets. The same technology is also available that could be integrated with your website so that your eCommerce site could:
 a. capture traveler information
 b. send a link to the guest to have their travelers sign their waivers.
You could also create reservations and travelers in AL-Pro and send links via email or SMS to have guests sign eWaivers  as well as credit cards with either specific amounts or guarantees, with our without signature capture.