The ALS Web Portal products facilitate web site and e-commerce integration with Activity Desks and Activity Vendors. Using the ALS Web Portal interface your web site always has the same information used by your reservation and ticketing system. The ALS Web Portal is an integral part of the ALS Vision for the Activity Industry.

The ALS Web Portals include options for credit card processing and faxing by integrating with the ALS Credit card and Fax Servers.

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Your web development team can use the extensive Web Portal API or we can work with you to provide you complete web sites with ecommerce integration. We have AL-Pro generic helper scripts that jump start start your AL-Pro website integration or just use ACE which provides a complete CMS system as well as full eCommerce.


ALS Products allow for very flexible pricing and commission schedules which can be managed easily. Pricing and commission have effective dates and can be readily customized. With the ALS Web Portal any pricing or commission changes will automatically be reflected on all ALS sales as on your website. Never worry about your website not having current products or pricing again!

  • Uses Industry standard XML over http
  • High Security
  • Easily used by any Web Developer
  • Includes full access to product and pricing information
  • Allows for Reservations and Payments to be posted
  • Insures full data integrity with ALS Products
  • Content Management System
  • Credit Card Support
  • Fax Support
  • Access to Real Time Reservation API

AL-Desk Web            Portal